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Heyy , thanks for the view my blogg yaww . Y ou add you talk , I add I talk lahh nyett , deal right ? Arghh ! Don't be so fuckin arrogant or guddgudd like a bullshitt cause I really hate person like that or maybe like you ? Huhh you wanna delete me from your friendlist ? Lol go ahead lahh ngek ,I don't care at all ! Psst , please know that im not pretty like you , i'm just type of an ordinary girl like the others & love myself for who I am .Don't judge me by who I am , what I am look & the way I dress .You ain't know anything ! & I guess that I have grown big enough to think for myself , what I wanna do , I wanna be or whatevahh


Saturday, 11 December 2010

biG sMilEy 4 u !

wanie loyy :))

fariz emo boyz :))

lulut :))

gembap :))

acap :))

akemy :))

kowank syume aq nye bff 4 eva !
kowank clalu tolong aq !
n kowank clalu tolong aq bile aq gado nan dinie :))
ilysm <3 <3

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